The Pool House Demos

by Adventurers

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Recorded in colin's Poolhouse through a USB condensor with a pillow over it, what you see is what you get.


released September 25, 2012

Casper, the ghost with the most. Mountain dew. Neighbourhood watch. The suburbs of Gagebrook and Clarendon Vale. All three DBs. The Deth Haus. Zoe Hoe Pee Pee Poo Poo Pyjamas. Jaseb. Miles Davis. The Mish Van. Danners D. Danners (Danners Barkley). Yo Yo Mammas everywhere. Ganesha. Mick Jagguloph. Big Bowie. Hot Dogs. Corn Dogs. All the dog foods. Spaghetti, both the tinned and plated variety.



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Adventurers Hobart, Australia

Hi. We're Adventurers.

Cameron Foster - Bass, Vocals
Jeremy Saunders - Drums
Julian Mamonski - Guitar, Vocals
Axel Murphy - Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Stock Footage Festival
Live like you did before the world got cancelled.
We're digging our toes into God-only-knows-what.
Tall plain Jane likes to fuck the pain away,
'cus every blue note ever heard was already sung
by different birds.
Track Name: Hundi!!! Chuck a Whitey!!!
Scratch card, scratch card, lottery winner.
Now I can afford to buy dinner for my family,
they're ungrateful. They've done nothing for me.
Straight to a payphone, one hundred dollars richer,
call up Deyshawn. I keep his picture in my wallet,
next to my hundred dollars, because it's friday
and I ain't got shit to do except watch "Friday" and
put off all the shit I've got to do.

Hundi!!! Chuck a Whitey!!!

Oh lord can you help me now?
Mom's spaghetti on my sweater already.
Oh lord you gotta help me now.
Mom's spaghetti on my sweater already.

Hundi!!! Chuck a Whitey!!!
Track Name: I Love You, Delores Surname
Oh, Sherrif, Please.
It seems you've caught the wrong man,
you've been had by the best, I'm telling you.
"You expect me to believe a convicted criminal?"
and he threw away the key, I said "Sherrif Please,"
"I'm Begging You."
My intentions were good, I would give her a ring,
effervescent she would sing "I do", and I do too.
I'll go to her father to ask his permission to prove that
I am not the kind without tradition.
Her father's a warden who is said to have murdered his wife,
and he doesn't care for me in the slightest,
but who am I to go against tradition,
who am I to go against tradition?
Nervously knocking on detailed mahogany door,
I bet inside are marble floors, I saw antiquity
through the windows.
He welcomes me in and insists I find the office while he
tends to more important matters.
It isn't fair to treat another human being this way,
it isn't fair.